How To Build A Deer Cart

Building a deer cart is a great way to transport your deer from the woods to your home without having to drag it. Deer carts come in various sizes and styles, but they all have the same basic design. The cart consists of two wheels, a frame, and a platform.

The platform is where you will place the deer, and the frame and wheels support the platform. You can build a deer cart using various materials, but the most common material is wood.

  • Obtain a deer cart
  • This can be done by purchasing one from a hunting or outdoor retailer, or by building one yourself
  • Attach the deer cart to your vehicle
  • This can be done by attaching the cart to the hitch of your vehicle, or by attaching it to the bumper
  • Load the deer onto the cart
  • Be sure to secure the deer so that it does not fall off of the cart
  • Transport the deer to your destination
  • Be sure to drive safely and obey all traffic laws

How to Build an inexpensive Game Cart

How do you make a hunting cart?

When it comes to hunting, being able to transport your equipment can be the difference between a successful hunt and an unsuccessful one. That’s why having a hunting cart can be so useful. If you’re not familiar with how to make a hunting cart, don’t worry.

We’re here to help. The first step is to gather the materials you’ll need. This includes a wheelbarrow, a piece of plywood, some L-brackets, screws, and a bungee cord.

Once you have all of your materials, it’s time to start assembly. The first thing you’ll want to do is attach the plywood to the wheelbarrow. You can do this by screwing the L-brackets into the plywood and then attaching them to the wheelbarrow.

Next, you’ll want to attach the bungee cord to the hunting cart. This will help keep your equipment in place as you’re transporting it. Once you have the cart assembled, you’re ready to start using it.

Simply load up your equipment and head out on your next hunting adventure. With a little bit of effort, you’ll be able to transport your equipment with ease.

Do deer carts work?

If you’ve ever had to haul a deer out of the woods after a successful hunt, you know how difficult it can be. Many hunters use deer carts to make the job easier, but do they really work? The answer is yes, deer carts can be a great help when it comes to hauling your deer out of the woods.

They allow you to put the deer on the cart and then tow it behind you as you walk, which takes a lot of the strain off of your back and shoulders. Of course, there are a few things to keep in mind when using a deer cart. First, make sure that the cart is properly balanced so that it doesn’t tip over.

Second, be careful on steep or uneven terrain, as the cart can make it difficult to keep your balance. Finally, be sure to keep an eye on the deer as it’s being towed, as it can sometimes bounce around and fall off of the cart. Overall, deer carts can be a big help when it comes to hauling your deer out of the woods.

Just be sure to use them carefully and you’ll be able to get your deer out without any problems.

How do you put a deer on a cart?

There are a few different ways that you can put a deer on a cart. The most common way is to use a winch. You can also use a crane or a come-along.

If you are using a come-along, you will need to attach it to the deer’s antlers or to a strong point on the deer’s body. Once you have the deer secured, you can then use a rope or a strap to lift the deer onto the cart.

What’s a deer cart?

A deer cart is a small, two-wheeled vehicle that is used to transport game animals, such as deer, from the place of the kill to the hunter’s vehicle. The deer cart is a valuable tool for hunters, as it allows them to transport their game without having to drag it by hand or carry it on their shoulders. Deer carts come in a variety of sizes and designs, but all share the common feature of two wheels and a platform or bed for the animal.

Some deer carts also have a built-in game hoist, which makes it easier to load the animal onto the cart.

how to build a deer cart


Electric deer cart

An electric deer cart is a great way to haul your deer from the woods to your vehicle. There are many different styles and brands of electric deer carts on the market, so it is important to do your research to find the one that best suits your needs. Most electric deer carts have a weight capacity of around 350 pounds, which is more than enough to handle a deer.

The carts typically have two wheels, although some models have four wheels for extra stability. The carts are designed so that the deer is strapped in securely, preventing it from moving around and getting injured during transport. Electric deer carts are a great alternative to traditional hand-drawn carts, as they are much easier to use and require no physical exertion.

Simply attach the cart to your deer, plug it in, and let it do the work for you. Electric deer carts are a great investment for any serious hunter.

How to build a cart with bicycle wheels

Building a cart with bicycle wheels is a great way to get around without spending a lot of money on gas. Plus, it’s a fun project that you can do with your friends or family. Here’s how to build a cart with bicycle wheels:

1. Find an old bicycle that you don’t mind sacrificing for this project. You’ll need two wheels, so if you can’t find an old bike, you can always buy new wheels. 2. Remove the wheels from the bicycle.

You’ll need a wrench to do this. 3. Attach the wheels to the frame of the cart. You can do this by drilling holes and using bolts, or by welding the wheels to the frame.

4. Add a seat to the cart. You can use an old chair or stool, or you can build a seat from scratch. 5. Add a handle to the cart.

This will help you steer the cart. You can use an old broom handle, or you can make a handle from scratch. 6. Enjoy your new cart!

Little mule deer cart

When it comes to deer carts, there are several different types that you can choose from. One type of deer cart is the little mule deer cart. This type of cart is great for those who want to be able to transport their deer easily and without a lot of hassle.

The little mule deer cart is a small, lightweight cart that can be easily towed behind a vehicle. It is also easy to set up and take down, which makes it great for those who are always on the go.


In order to build a deer cart, one will need the following materials: four 2x4s, two 8-foot 2x6s, one 4-foot 2×6, six caster wheels, screws, drill, saw, and measuring tape. The first step is to cut the boards to size. The four 2x4s should be cut to two feet in length, while the 8-foot 2x6s should be cut into four-foot sections.

The 4-foot 2×6 should then be cut in half. Next, the caster wheels should be attached to the 2x4s using screws. Once all the caster wheels are in place, the 2x6s can be attached to the 2x4s to form the sides and bottom of the cart.

Finally, the drill can be used to create holes for the screws that will attach the top of the cart.

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